Analysis Of The Novel “Iman Umeed Aur Mohabbat” Written By Umaira Ahmad

Introduction: I read Jannat key Patty after reading a novel that covered many genres. The novel was titled “Iman Umeed Aur Mohabbat”, by well-known Pakistani poet Umaira. Iman Umeed Aur Mohabbat first appeared in Digest magazine, December 1999.

Umaira ahmed is a renowned author who has written many famous novels. Her literary style is unique and makes her popular among females. Her most notable works are Urdu scripts and Urdu writers. She is best known for her Urdu writing and drama scriptwriting.

Iman umeed aur mohabbat is an incredibly well-written tale that explores three of the most important problems facing human beings. Faith, Love, and Hope. It is the story a born Muslim woman who chose faith over love. However, later she questioned if it was right. The story is about a newly converted Muslim who accepts Islam, and chooses Iman firmly over love without feeling any loss.

The plot is based on morals. It explains how true Muslim’s face hardships in their life and how they sacrificed for their faith. It tells how people are rewarded by Allah for their good works, but not always in the form of blessings. Iman Umeed Aur Mohabbat tells everyone to never give up their faith to gain love. This plot is simple, but it brings out the best in emotions like joy and grief, love and lust and faith and disbelief.




Daniel Edgar (Iman)

Umeed is a main character that is firm and patient with her beliefs. She also sacrifices herself for the sake of her faith. Umera Ahmad shows in this character the difficulties that true Muslims go through and how they sacrifice their lives for their faith.

Daniel Edgar is an immigrant and new Muslim. He chose Iman and not love, and is a character of great generosity. Umera Ahmed illustrates how a Muslim convert can be devoted to his faith and willingly sacrifice anything for it. Jhanzeb also appears in this novel. He is Umeed’s fiance. Umeed was in love with him from the beginning.

Setting: Umeed’s and Iman’s lives are described in a social context of a Muslim-majority country. Umeed and Iman are both Pakistani, but the events took place in a German setting and context.

The novel’s main events include:

Death of Umeed’s Father

Breakup of Umeed and Jahanzeb

Marriage of Umeed to Iman

Iman embraces Islam

Umera Ahmed builds suspense throughout the novel. Umeed finds out that Iman changed his religion and name after embracing Islam. He collects evidence against Iman when he’s not around. Denial edger is Denial, as all of the evidence proves.

Summary: The novel is about a girl who refused the biggest temptation in her life and remained true to her faith. Umeed’s story touches the heart of every reader. Each character has a variety of shades.

Unpredictably the soul-mate that was perfect for you turns out to be the devil. The devoted, selfless child appears to be a discourteous spouse. Her bitter past has kept her in a shackle. Strangely, people are often rewarded for doing good things but do not realize that they have been blessed in the process. Umeed was 18 when her father passed away. She left school too young to support her family. Jahanzeb is her fiancee and has supported and cared for her through good and bad times. Umeed completely loves Jahanzeb. Umeed’s marriage is ruined by Jhanazeb who warns him to break the engagement a couple of days before.

Jahanzeb’s final breakup was a devastating loss to her. Daniel Edgar is a stranger who comes into Umeed’s world as a gift from God. Daniel Edgar, who is already influenced and a believer in Islam, decides to accept Islam after more research. Umeed’s mother and father have persuaded her to marry Daniel Edgar, who has now become Iman. Iman makes unrelenting efforts to make Umeed happy, but Umeed’s regrets keep haunting her. Umeed finally feels Daniel’s love and is able to move on from her misery.

Conclusion: Iman umeed aur mohabbat, after reading it, shows the true picture when we are tempted to think that things don’t go as we would like. This novel teaches about love and hope. This fantastic Urdu fictional story gives a unique perspective of the world and life.


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