Pride And Family: Actual Themes In The Odyssey

The Odyssey is a epic anthem that focuses on the adventures of a greek myth. These verses are relevant to our lives today due to the fact that they help us learn from our mistakes and emotions. The verse’s events may not be equivalent to today, but these subjects can still be used in everyday life. The morals of these works help to empower the user with affirmation and pride.

Confirmation is the most important subject because Odysseus had everything throughout the whole work. Odysseus used the confirmation method to win every battle, including his battles of Troy and Ithaca. Odysseus tried to continue the journey by using affirmation. He refused to be intimidated by any impediment at sea and he dealt with it, rather than trying to escape. Another example of affirmation comes when Odysseus has to release his manor from his suitors. This part required resilience. Odysseus had hoped to turn into a bum, take advantage of Antinous and then reveal his true identity and murder all. Odysseus was able to murder Antinous while he was still a vagrant. However, he knew that Athena would pay him for an alternative option to the execution of Antinous. Odysseus had already won the battle but was now determined to convince his better half that he was doing it. They have been cruising along for quite some time, and Penelope isn’t sure if she should acknowledge an outcast or pay little attention to his passing her tests. Odysseus would not have been able to persuade his partner if he had given up. He would have faced many tasks that were just too difficult. Confirmation is an important point, even though it is still a big one. Affirmation can help you achieve the results you desire. Pride is not something you should be proud of. It is something that can be viewed and benefited from. His pride is the foundation of everything he did in the story. Odysseus was overcome by his pride at the beginning of their encounter at home. He didn’t consider the full outcome of their experience to prove his pride. To vindicate his blindness, Poseidon promised that his return home would be almost unfathomable. Antinous was another victim of his pride. Antinous could not help but brag about his own success and how Penelope would soon marry him. His pride even reached the point of him throwing a stool towards Odysseus. Finally, Antinous takes the basin out of view to show Odysseus his disappointment over Antinous’ pride. Telemachus, Odysseus’ youth, is the only person who does not show pride in this verse. Telemachus is humble, something which is quite opposite to pride. Telemachus is humble despite being the proud child of Odysseus. He is a good child and respects all people, including the heavenly beings. Since he is Odysseus’ offspring, he doesn’t believe he is better than anyone else. He also shows mental strength at the end of the battle to kill the suitors. Prideful behavior has no results, and it can cause you to grieve. Telemachus was frank, kind and proud and both Odysseus as well as Antinous were proud to show their pride. Pride is another big point that does not show any gift but mourns.

The Odyssey ends with the subject of family. Imagine a relative fighting for control while others express their grief that he is dead. This is Penelope’s and Telemachus’ experience. This shows that family is the central theme of the story. The main story concerns Odysseus’ return to his family. He leaves his family to go to war and tries to return home as soon as possible. He knows that if his commitment doesn’t stall, he will return to his wife and child over time. He goes on fighting the war against nature to bring it back. Penelope is having some horrible experiences, but she hasn’t seen her husband in a while. Despite this, she still loves Odysseus. Although she was forced to marry one suitor, her heart remained with Odysseus and has not lost its grip. Telemachus is also interested in his father. Telemachus is determined to keep his appearance, despite the fact that many people say he will not. Since his father was killed in World War II, he grew up with no father. This was an extraordinary fight to keep the family together. Penelope and Telemachus both fear that Odysseus might fall. The most interesting parts of the verse are those where Odysseus, Telemachus and a couple reunite. It’s amazing, considering how it partners with us. We can picture them suffering for so many years and then finally seeing them again for 20 years. You can trust your family to be there for all of you. Your family will support you no matter what, even if you are at an extreme point in your life. As Penelope, Telemachus and Odysseus allowed Odysseus back into their lives, so will your family. This is how family can be applied to our daily lives today.

The Odyssey covers many topics. Many of these subjects can help us understand how we can improve our lives by understanding the successes and slips of the characters. Because of the enormous subjects of confirmation, these themes can be applied to modern life because they can help you understand how your family can support you at any time you need them. The explanation is that I recognize the importance of critical subjects in our lives.


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